Imaging Orthopods

Look through the creative lens of Orthopaedic surgeons

About Us

Orthopaedic Surgeons are a strange lot. With a chance to recreate persons from their ailments like trauma to joints, bones and ligaments in various ways from arthritis, through small or big incisions, one time or repeated interventions, with the ability of restoring affected patients and their families, they are a blessed lot.

Not only can they restore all for the patients and their families and societal benefits, their wide exposure to different kinds of human beings, give them a broader understanding of the world around them and the recognition of natural treasures, God has given to all and their preservation.

This wide exposure and roving eyes, make them natural photographers .
IMAGING ORTHOPODS is a new society which allows them to show their natural documentation activity, as they look at this world through different viewpoints and different visual sense. It gives orthopods a place to put their creativity through lenses. 

Their first such exhibition was held in February 2023 at Birla Academy of Fine arts where 60 pictures were framed , mounted and gifted to their sponsors. The proceedings were donated to charity, through the West Bengal Orthopaedic Association (WBOA), and charitable schools and Organizations. Sponsors could choose which pictures to buy, and use them in anyway they liked.

The pictures chosen by Nightingale Hospitals adorn two floors of their ward corridor walls, giving a lot of pleasure to their patients and their relatives for years.

Our work has been appreciated by hundreds of viewers and buyers and this Society is committed to help multiple charities once again.
Our pictures reflect bird life, animal life, nature, the activities of the human race in India and abroad.


Location: Birla Academy of Art and Culture. Kolkata. West Bengal. India

Date: May 28 to June 2 ,2024. 

Time: From 3 to 8pm each day.

Account Name:

A/C- 924020004612204
IFSC Code: UTIB0000005